Weasel is an application for managing software projects in an agile way, by using user stories, iteration, releases etc...
The application is based on the Eclipse RCP platform and has been developed during the Project Management course at the University.

Team Members

Hannes Innerhofer
Markus Tragust
Juri Strumpflohner (me)

Project code repository: http://weasel-app.googlecode.com 


Since Eclipse RCP applications were a completely new field to us when developing this software, it is to say that the project architecture is not really convenient as it is at the moment (and should therefore not be taken as a reference for building RCP apps).
Despite that fact I put the project online because some of you might be interested and because I think that the core idea of the project is good.


Programming Language: Java
Architecture: local standalone app
Development State: finished
Type: Rich Client Application (Eclipse RCP)

Tags: Agile Software Development, Eclipse RCP