Snippet Doc

Standards are an inherent part of a quality-driven software development process. Standards help to create a uniform environment in which developers operate and provide common and well-proven solutions to re-occurring problems.
For that purpose standards need to be well documented. Code Snippets provide an interesting approach to diffuse such standards at the coding level among the different developing teams.

Snippet Doc aims at solving the problem of automatically creating documentation for shared code snippets, especially targeting those created for the Visual Studio IDE.
By simply specifying the source directory where the snippets are being stored and the target directory where the report should be created, Snippet Doc produces a nicely formatted HTML report that can be made accessible to all of the team mates.

Read this blog posts for more details.


Programming Language: C#.Net
Architecture: Desktop Client
Development State: under active development
Type: WinForms Client

Tags: Snippets, Sharing, Best Practices, Visual Studio