Important note:

This is not the official site of the RSSOwl development team!  This project is a further development of the original RSSOwl application which can be found at ( It has been
developed during the course of Software Process Management course at the Free University of Bolzano/Bozen.

RSSOwl is an RSS and Atom News reader / aggregator that is able to collect and display feeds from different compliant websites. Besides the basic functionality to collect and display feeds it has the following functionalities:

  • Advanced search functionality that allows to find news feeds that satisfy a certain search query
  • Organize news feeds in categories
  • Auto-update of news feeds
  • Links of news items can directly be sent to friends
  • Internal browser that allows to read news items
  • Labeling of news items with keywords
  • Import / export of feeds
  • ...

RSSOwl is written in Java as an Eclipse RCP application. It is licensed under the Eclipse Public License and consists of about 67,514 lines of code (LOC), not considering comment and blank lines. Some further technical features are the following:

  • DB4O2 object database for storing data persistently
  • Apache HttpClient for connecting to the Internet
  • JDom for dealing with XML data
  • Apache Lucene for searching capabilities

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Programming Language: Java
Architecture: standalone
Development State: finished

Tags: News Reader, RSS, Atom, RDF

Team Members

Omar Moling
Juri Strumpflohner (me)