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Mobile Posting System

Project Description

The project's goal is to implement an information system for location-based mobile posting. The system is composed of a server and a "thin" mobile client.

All heavy computations are done on the server which is basically responsible for

  • storing received posts in a relational DB (MySQL)
  • processing the location-data and retrieving matching posts from the DB
  • sending data to mobile client

The mobile client is mainly responsible for

  • retrieving location-data using the J2ME Location API (JSR-179)
  • sending requests to the server
  • processing server responses and displaying them to the user

The communication between the server and the mobile client is done by exchanging XML documents over the HTTP protocol.



User A walks down a street. He wants to create a post about a nice restaurant he discovered in that street and so he takes out his cellphone, starts "FirstLife" and writes the post. Behind the scene, the mobile device will determine its location by using the Location API. Then the post (together with the location information) will be send to the server where it is stored inside a DB. Later on, user B walks down the same street in search for a good restaurant. He clearly starts FirstLife and requests all available posts, hoping that somebody has left something about a place for having lunch. Again, the mobile device determines its location and sends a request for retrieving all posts from the server that match the location of the mobile device. User B will get the post done by user A.