As the name already indicates, SimpleLog represents a really simple logging utility which can be used in your "homemade" Java application. I created the "library" (it's really a big name for this app) during another project I was developing because I didn't want to use Log4J.

What's different?

SimpleLog has the advantage that it produces you a nicely formatted output. All the logs are written as XML file and could therefore theoretically be used as input for 3rd-party applications for being further processed. Moreover an appropriate XSL file is created and directly linked with the XML log file such that a nicely formatted HTML output page is created.

How to use it?

To use SimpleLog for your project check out the following Wiki page:

Downloads and Source

You can download the library jar file from the given link on the right sidebar or browse the source code repository directly online.


Programming Language: Java
Development State: finished
Type: Library
License: New BSD

Tags: XML, XSL, Logging

Download and Source

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