JChat is an implementation of a very basic internet chat application written in Java. The project emerged during the course of Distributed Systems at the University where it was a course requirement. The main goal was to get in touch with different communication protocols such as TCP, UDP and RMI.

For further details go to the corresponding subpages for the TCP and RMI implementation. It has to be said that the project was a course requirement and the uploaded documentation has been used as the final assignment report. It may happen that there are some errors or failures in it and also the implementation's goal was not to create a rich internet chat application but to get some practical experience with the communication of distributed systems. Actually it was not even a requirement to create a graphical user interface.

Downloads and Source

You can download the project (including source) from the link on the sidebar (see on the right) 


Programming Language: Java
Architecture: Distributed Client-Server System
Development State: finished
Type: Executable Application
License: New BSD

Tags: Distributed Systems, Instant Messaging,
            TCP, RMI


Download: (will be added soon)